HNpod 16: Opinionated Licenses, Kayak Sale, More HTML5 APIs with Paul Biggar and Stuart Memo

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Summary: Guests: Stuart Memo: Web and iPhone Developer and creator of Question Park. ( and ( Stuart will be presenting at Protothon on November 30, 2012. The link to the website can be found here: Paul Biggar: Blogger and founder of Circle (, continuous integration for web apps. More on our guests can be found at Host: Michael Mahemoff ( Stories: Evil, or why Douglas Crockford is harmful to Free Software Bubblewatch: acquires Kayak More HTML5 APIs Now Trending Stuart: Google Jam Paul: Alex Payne's “Alone Together Again” Mike: Code Canyon Podcast Recommendations Stuart: This Week in Google: Mike: Stack Exchange Additional Links: Special thanks to Kale Davis for suggesting more links to the shownotes, which I've done in recent weeks, including the new Additional Links section. Please check out Kyle's excellent [Hacker Newsletter](, a source I use to find recent stories for the show.