HNpod 17: Bring Back the 40 Hour Work Week, Personal Outsourcing, How to Name Your Startup with Dan DeFelippi, Premasagar Rose , and Steve Corona

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Summary: **Guests** Steven Corona: Blogger and CTO of TwitPic and author of Scaling PHP Book ( and ( Dan DeFelippi: Founder of LLC ( and ( Premasagar Rose: Currently a Social Web Apps Developer. He is also the Director at Dharmafly, the Founder at Lab for the Recently Possible and Async (, (, ( and ( More on our guests can be found at Host: Michael Mahemoff ( **Stories** Bring Back the 40 Hour Work Week Personal Outsourcing How to Name Your Startup **Now Trending** Dan – Negativity on Hacker News Steve: Freelancers realizing that they can raise their rates substantially Premasagar: Tax and SVG Mike: Article on Hacker news, “The Quite Ones”, essentially the need for more quite places **Podcast Recommendations** Dan: Weird Things podcast Steve: Business of Freelancing (Congratulations Steve on being the first guest to tie these together.) Mike: Software Engineering Radio