Episode 8: Rags to Riches: Afraid Non-Swimmer to Instructor

The Learn To Swim Show show

Summary: December 16, 2010 There are a lot of inspiring stories in learn-to-swim. Take Richard's. Richard was afraid in water his whole life. At the age of 50-ish, he decided he wanted to learn to swim. He had never taken formal lessons. He took Miracle Swimming as his first exposure to lessons. He then took advantage of our Open Swim practice sessions once a week for an hour during which he practiced staying comfortable all the time and experimented with how the water and his body worked together. He began to be a "spotter" in our classes, helping others learn. In a short time, a year or two, he had learned our system. Our long-term instructor moved. Richard stepped up to take over. Today, he's a fabulous instructor I'm proud to call ours. He has the answers; and his students all love him. Join Richard and me on the December 16 Learn to Swim Show. He'll tell you what he learned about himself and about learning to learn. Swimming is just the sidebar.