Episode 1: Why A Radio Show to Learn To Swim?

The Learn To Swim Show show

Summary: October 28, 2010 Raise your hand if you believe that learning to swim happens in the water! Is your hand up? Of course it is. Whose wouldn't be? For kids, learning to swim happens mostly in the water. But for adults, learning to swim begins on land. If you're an adult who doesn't know how to swim and you've tried to learn, guess what? The dry-land part was missing! And it's absolutely essential! In the next 13 weeks, Learn To Swim Show host Melon Dash will explain, outline, and demonstrate a new way to learn and teach swimming. She will bring an end -for anyone listening-to the yearning that millions of adults worldwide feel to know how to swim and the frustration they've experienced trying to learn the traditional way. The solution is known. The way is clear. It's been proven for 27 years. Now let the world understand and benefit! Ask your questions. Test what you hear. Challenge Melon. Everyone wins. Her book and DVD explain her teaching comprehensively.

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This is Miracle Swimming podcast