Mediumship - Messages from the Other Side with Selina Khan

Real Life Radio show

Summary: Very intuitive as a child, Selina Khan was keenly aware of her mother’s sadness at a young age although she never understood why. When Selina was just 11 years old, she lost her mother to breast cancer after a ten year battle. Her family tried to protect her by concealing her mother’s illness until a few months before her death. Fast forward 26 years later - happily single after a 10 year unfulfilling relationship, Selina had no idea her mother’s spirit was about to play match maker from the other side! She credits her mother’s spirit in bring her to the man she is now married to. Selina Khan is a Medium, Psychic, Reiki Master and Intuitive Development Coach. She teaches people to connect with their own intuitive abilities and has just released a CD of guided meditations for intuition development.