Your life numbers - call in for a numerology reading

Real Life Radio show

Summary: Numerology has become a passion for Paola Gucciardi. She sees it as an incredible source of wisdom. For much of her life, Paola lived with the misconception that her fulfillment and happiness came from outside of herself. She searched for her fulfillment in relationships, possessions and a successful career. But she was feeling stuck, like something was missing. In her pursuit for meaning and purpose in her life, she discovered numerology and she’s now a devotee and an advocate of this powerful tool. Now, numerology has become Paola’s own personal life as well as her business life with the launch of L1fe Num8ers in 2002. Call in for intuitive numerology readings... With a business background in finance and supply management, Paola is viewed as an analytical and logical person. And Paola brings that logic with her to her interpretation of each client’s numbers. She finds that numerology, the science of numbers, not only makes sense, but also it resonates with her.