218 Podcast Answer Man – Very Initial Reaction To Mixlr – Pros And Cons of Removing This Show From Live Format – And More!

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Summary: Removing Podcast Answer Man From Live Show Format Once Again It seems that I keep going back and forth on this topic. The main benefit, to me, of having Podcast Answer Man on the live show format has been that the episode is scheduled and a live audience brings a level of accountability to actually get this show recorded at its scheduled time. However, in this episode, I share that I have made the decision to pull this podcast off of my live show schedule once again. Rather than announcing my decision, I share my thought process on the pros and cons of removing this podcast from the live show schedule. Pros A more polished show each week Ability to record in segments without pressure of live audience. Better Show Notes For Each Episode. This should NOT be underestimated! I don’t actively engage with the audio during PAM. Less distractions during the recording of the show. Cons Many people enjoy listening to PAM live on Thursdays Having the show scheduled kept me consistent with timely, weekly release. I’m very happy with my ultimate decision and I will work hard to find a new scheduled time to record Podcast Answer Man and will simply need to focus on my efforts of self discipline to stick to that schedule. My Very Initial Reaction to Mixlr.com I returned from an 11 day trip with my family earlier this week. Just before I left, I heard about a new service called Mixlr. Their site says that Mixlr makes it easy to broadcast high-quality live audio to the web, Facebook, social networks and mobile devices. Just download our free broadcasting app, and broadcast live instantly. Mixlr is perfect for bands, live acts, DJs, conference organisers, journalists, podcasters and many more besides. I actually decided to give this service a try for my Live Show Thursday, trying to set it up just before I hit record for this episode. I was experiencing issues with very slow load times of starting up the broadcasting software on my Mac Mini and it seemed to cause me to lose connection with my Ustream Server each time it finally got started. I then tried it on my 27” iMac and was able to get it to load. However, I was still experiencing an issue where the audio from the embedded widget on my page would not play the audio. During the episode, I was initially critical of the audio quality of the service. However, by the end of my initial review, I found that you can, in fact, get CD quality audio from the service as a paid subscriber. This seems to be a relatively new service. It’s one that certainly fills a need. I hope to investigate further. The folks at Mixlr did reach out to me after today’s live show to see if we can work out some of the issues that I’ve experienced. I will share an update on my thoughts on this service as I get a chance to investigate further. Shout out to my friend Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome.com My good friend, Pat Flynn, had two amazing blog posts this week that I think listeners to the Podcast Answer Man audience would benefit from reading. The first post is titled “The Dark Side of Successful Blogging.” I would add “& Podcasting” at the end of the title and tell you that it is 100% applicable to podcasters as well. Here’s a link to the original post: http://goo.gl/3enW3 Here are some of the points that are discussed: A ton of email. JV Offers. Pressure to consistently produce top quality content. Responsibility with what you recommend. The Microscope Effect. Copycats and content stealers. Trolls. Non-Believers. I go through the list above and share some my own thoughts on each of these potential cons of finding great success with your blog/podcast. However, I also share how some of them can both be a drawback and a benefit at the same time. As mentioned in the episode, Pat’s blog post about Amazon Affiliates is great as well. Here’s the link: http://goo.gl/3QWUN New Podcast Spotlight This week,