Episode 003: We have intro music! & Listing on the Zune Marketplace

mypodcastadventure.com show

Summary: Wow - I recorded this on January 9th, however with all the craziness with HomeTech Weekly podcast and kicking off CES 2012, I forgot to actually post this show. When you listen you can probably hear a little exhaustion in my voice (especially as I stumble on some things and repeat some things a few times as well as referring to this show being Episode #2), well that is due to all the build up for CES 2012 (Consumer Electronics Show) and getting the other show recorded.  I took a podcast that I had been planning for a weekly show to not only producing daily shows but some days actually had up to 4 shows in one day.  Being a member of the press has been a truly overwhelming activity. Apple iTunes "Big Brother" - I checked iTunes after I recorded the last show just to check to see if this show was showing up in iTunes and found that it was already there - even though I never got an email from iTunes telling me that it was available (like I got when I submitted HomeTech Weekly). We have an audience! - Without any type of promotion or even telling anyone about it, you have found the show.  We have got a good amount of initial subscribers and I guess that I can say that the show is now "international" since we have 10 subscribers outside of the USA. Both shows have been submitted to the Zune Marketplace (in addition to iTunes) - rather basic process, you just need to download the Zune software (link to zune marketplace http://social.zune.net/podcasts/) and click on the "submit a podcast" button on the side.  However I did not get anything in response from Zune, and as of the date of recording, nothing was showing up within the search in Zune. Podcast Directories: Still need to submit both shows to the Blackberry Podcast Directory.  I found a great resource to find a great list of podcast directories - podcast411.com has a list called "Directory of Directories".  They have listed a bunch of directories complete with some basic description of what type of requirements for getting listed as well as a link to the page to submit your feed.