Brian Hare talks about Canine Cognition

The IAABC Podcast show

Summary: <p>This week I spoke to Brian Hare, the director of <a href="">The Duke Canine Cognition Center,</a> where some fascinating research into the cognition of the domestic dog is being done.</p> <p>Brian and I spoke about his research into how dogs are able to solve problems involving people, including the idea of "flexibility:" being able to solve problems on the spot rather than with repeated trials. Brian also spoke about how the past few decades of research into cognition, after many years of an almost exclusive focus on behavior, has changed our view of domestic dogs and animals in general.</p> <p>What do you think? Behaviorism vs. cognition seems to be a hot topic in some circles. How do feel about it? Is one approach better than the other? Is one approach adequate to solving problems, or do you need both? Does there need to be a conflict at all?</p> <p>The DCCC has a great <a href="">website</a> with more information about their ongoing research. Take a look around. What do you see that strikes your interest?</p>