Episode 10 – 5.3 Billion Firefox Panda Babies… With 700 Million More To Come

The Unofficial Mashable Podcast - Video show

Summary: Justin and David have been reunited once more to continue their work as Official TUMPsters! This weeks episode sees the guys mulling over Groupon's decision to turn down Google's $6 billion buyout, looking forward to checking out Chrome OS, as well as gawking at videos of real life Firefoxes / Red Pandas. The little suckers are just s'damn cute! Here are the stories taken hot-off-the-press from Mashable.com: Mozilla Adopts 2 Real Firefox Cubs [PIC] Groupon Turns Down Google’s $6 Billion Offer If You Were Groupon, Would You Have Taken Google’s Offer? [POLL] Google to Unveil Chrome OS December 7?