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Summary: Part 2 of 3 on nudity and the human body. In the second part, we discuss Gymnophobia, the fear of nudity and how it impacts our view of the human body. As in part 1, we look at society's view of nudity through the lens of mass media. In particular, we review and critique a BBC show called What's the problem with nudity? Links to items mentioned in the show: Texas Tech University Psychology PodcastOprah's Step Out of Your Box challengeBBC Horizon's What's the Problem with Nudity? You can buy a legal copy here for educational use only. It comes licensed for use in a classroom and, as such, costs £195! You can also download it for free from here. It's up to you to decide how legal that is.Seattle Times article on nudity and decontamination also available here and here.Doff-it® Personal Privacy Kit. As the company says, it is "designed to reduce victim objections to decontamination." Yes, some people would rather risk death than be nude in front of others. If that's not illustrative of a phobia, what is? Episode XIV