History of Bare Oaks

Naturist Living Show show

Summary: Eric Jarvis (on left) at Bare Oaks in 2008A discussion of internet-based retailers selling naturist/nudist merchandise and the launch of the Bare Boutique online shop. Plus an interview with Eric Jarvis who originally founded Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park when, in 1972, he purchased empty land and started the Toronto Helios Society at Haytor Park. He tells us his story and the challenges of starting a nudist club in the early 1970's. Links to items mentioned in the show:The Bare BoutiqueHistory of Bare Oaks Family Naturist ParkSun Valley GardensGlen Echo Family Nudist ParkVideo of Eric Jarvis and Haytor Park (after it became textile)Historical photos of the Toronto Helios Society and Haytor Park on FlickrEpisode XXIV