Mormon Truth #8-Brent Belnap On The Today Show

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Summary: Mormon Truth Podcast #8-Brent Belnap's Interview On The Today Show Well, this has been irritating me ever since I first heard this interview and I really felt the extreme need to address the mis-truths and flat out lies that Brent Belnap, (Mormon Stake President of Manhattan), felt the need to propagate and spew, during his recent interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show. The ending of the interview and the final question of Matt Lauer and then Brent Belnap's answer, was astonishing to me and one of the biggest lies I've heard yet. It sums up perfectly, the lies, deceit and fraud of Mormonism. It just proves that the Mormon Church will continue to openly lie and defraud people in order to keep their stone of fraud, lies and deceit, rolling throughout the world. This "plan of fraud" is greatly helped by their strong 50,000 + force of missionaries spread out all over the world, who are trained and taught to lie to everyone they meet and teach, without even knowing that they are lying. The missionaries are victims, just like the people they teach are victims. Don't think for one second, that Brent Belnap wasn't prepared, scripted and told exactly what to say by the Mormon Hierarchy. He was fully prepped and probably even had a list of questions beforehand, from the Today Show that he might be asked, if not the exact questions. To think otherwise, would be the ultimate case of naiveté. If they did know in advance what the questions would be; that makes Brent Belnap and The Mormon Hierarchy look even worse and more complicit in this latest escapade of lying to a Nationwide TV audience, in order to further their cult. However, it would come as no surprise to those of us that know the truth. The Mormon Church Hierarchy would never EVER let someone go on national TV without full preparation of what to lie about and how to lie about it. I look forward to all of your comments on the lies that Brent Belnap and The Mormon Hierarchy are continually propagating throughout the world, such as those that are shared in this piece. I think that everyone will really enjoy listening to this podcast and will be able to clearly see the deceit and lies of the Mormon Hierarchy, that are being spread around the world every single day. Samuel the Utahnite Originally posted on February 17, 2006