Mormon Truth #10-Is Mormonism A Cult-Part 2?!!

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Summary: Mormon Truth Podcast #10-Is Mormonism A Cult?!!-Part 2 This is a continuation of the last podcast and part 2 of "is Mormonism a cult?" In part 1, I discussed the first 7 of 15 items on the "cult checklist." Those that have already listened to part 1, know that we went 7-7 and so far, everything is checking out 100%, that Mormonism is indeed a cult, without a doubt. I shared many examples and I will share many more in this 2nd part of the podcast, covering items 8-15 on the "cult checklist." I will also include several clips from the pre-1990 temple ceremony, which will include the penalties that went along with it, which I sadly agreed to obey, as I bowed my head, out of fear and lifelong brainwashing. It is sick and twisted stuff and I can't believe that I agreed to give my own life, and slice open my neck from ear to ear, along with my chest and stomach, before revealing "the secrets" of the Mormon temple. If, after part 1, you still have doubts that Mormonism is a cult, this 2nd part, should be able to easily erase that doubt and convince you that Mormonism is definitely a cult. I also share a clip of Spencer W. Kimball, one from Hinckley and we'll even get to hear from Adam(God) himself, in a special guest appearance, exhorting us to obey these men called Prophets, Seers, Revelators and Apostles. We all know what will happen if we don't obey these so called Prophets, Seers and Revelators, as President Benson says: "follow them and be blessed—REJECT THEM AND SUFFER." So, here's the bottom line; if you liked part 1, you are gonna love part 2. For those that would like to dispute the facts that I've presented, that Mormonism is a huge cult; I look forward to your rebuttals, comments and Emails. I will be fascinated to see how you TBMs and Apologists, explain away all of these obvious facts, that confirm Mormonism is a cult. Then again, it's probably just all a huge coincidence, that you can go down a cult checklist and check them off one by one, right? Samuel the Utahnite Originally published March 13, 2006