Mormon Truth #12-Interview With Eric-Part 1

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Summary: Mormon Truth Podcast #12-Interview With Living Truth's Eric-Part 1 This is part 1 of 2, of the interview that I just had with Eric, from the Living Truth Podcast and Mormon Deception blog. He asked some great questions regarding why I left the Church, how I discovered it was a fraud and what the process of discovery was like for me. I also shared my view on the "early cult indoctrination program" of the Mormon cult, that is alive and well, just as it was when I was a kid growing up Mormon. We also talked about my mission and some of the experiences that I had, along with some of the abuses I suffered, along with some of the rules of my super-repressive and abusive mission Presidents. We also touched on the lack of separation between Church and state here in Utah and how it doesn't exist. I discuss the incredible guilt that is heaped on missionaries for not baptizing enough people and all the rules they must follow. We also discussed that "LOGIC" or "INDEPENDENT THINKING", is not really allowed or tolerated in the Mormon cult. Sadly, I'm no longer friends with this man and I do not endorse anything he says or has written, as he condemns all Mormons with a blanket, to not only loose their soul forever, but to burn in hell and flames eternally, on the way to losing their soul, unless they follow him and his exact beliefs. He is nothing but a dishonest, fanatical, die-hard Christian that has no true desire of helping Mormons now or ever. It is also called a "God complex!!" He claims to love and have a huge heart for Mormons and to condemn Mormons with love in Christ/God. Had I known what a condemning person Eric was; I never would have done this interview and I now regret it deeply. However, I did express mostly my views, so I will leave it here for everyone to listen to. We all learn from our mistakes and I learned from my involvement with this guy. I thought he was a good, honest man and I was wrong. I take great offense to anyone who openly condemns me, my friends, family and loved ones, just because we were or are Mormon. I condemn the Mormon cult Hierarchy, not the average, good members, just trying to live their life and be happy. Samuel the Utahnite Originally published March 30, 2006