Mormon Truth #15-A Mormon Apologist-Part 2

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Summary: Mormon Truth Podcast #15-An Interview With Jared, A Mormon Apologist-Part 2 Okay guys and gals, this is part 2 out of 4, of the interview that Eric and I did with Jared, who is a Mormon Apologist. Jared is also a great guy who strongly believes in his faith and can usually find an easy explanation for most anything. I do give Jared credit though, for coming on the show with us and at least being able to admit some of the faults that are in the Church; but then, unfortunately, he has to explain them all away and tell us why they are okay, or don't impact his overall testimony or the truthfulness of the game. Jared is a very nice friendly guy, but we do have to agree to disagree on about every subject. In Part 2, we pick up where we left off in part 1, continuing our discussion of "The Book of Mormon" and the lack of any evidence whatsoever of "The Book of Mormon", the people, their cities, war remnants, etc. Jared likes to point out the errors and discrepancies in the Bible, in order to justify the errors and problems in the Book of Mormon and Mormonism in general. Jared admits that it doesn't matter if they ever find any archaeological evidence of The Book of Mormon and that it wouldn't affect his testimony one way or the other. Once again, it's all about feelings and has nothing to do with any evidence. I say that if you have to claim the Bible to be so wrong, in order to justify that Mormonism and The Book of Mormon are okay, with so many screwed up things and errors, why would the Bibles errors, which are many, make the Mormon Church and the Book of Mormon right and true? It's ridiculous!! Jared Also likes to refer to current and past teachings of Apostles and Prophets, as "statements, opinions, traditions, their personal beliefs, or whatever", but that it doesn't mean that it's truth. If you can't trust the words and teachings of current and past Prophets and Apostles, which claim that they can't lead you astray, and that God will remove them if they try, what good are they? I honestly have no idea how Jared, or other Mormon apologists, determine what Mormon doctrine is or isn't, due to the fact that nobody ever really knows when these so called Prophets and Apostles are speaking for God, or just sharing their personal opinion. I guess if it fits their point, it is inspired, if it doesn't, then he was just "speaking as a man." In my opinion, it's ridiculous!! At one point, both Jared and I are astounded at each others views and express that to each other. There is much more to this part 2 and I really hope that you guys enjoy this episode, as much as I did, making it for you. Samuel the Utahnite Originally published April 18, 2006