Mormon Truth #17-A Mormon Apologist-Part 4

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Summary: Mormon Truth Podcast #17-An Interview With Jared, A Mormon Apologist Jared-Part 4 Well guys, here we are, finally at part 4, of the interview with the Mormon Apologist Jared. My next 3 podcasts, which are already recorded, and should prove to be very interesting, to most of you out there, especially you TBMs, specifically women. Here in Part 4, of the interview with the Mormon Apologist Jared, we continue on where we left off in part 3, with Jared discussing what his definition of repentance is. We then go into what is forgiveness and how and when we are forgiven for our sins. We quoted Mormon Prophet Spencer W. Kimball out of "Miracle of Forgiveness", which clearly showed that Jared's conclusions or personal opinions, on what forgiveness is for Mormons, were wrong, according to the former Prophet Kimball. We then discuss what it takes to get into the Celestial Kingdom and Jared seems to be in a little bit of denial, that you have to be a Mormon, in this life or the next, in order to achieve that. Jared justifies the Mormon teachings, by once again, comparing it to Christianity, which was getting very tired for me at this point. Jared does point out, with his argument, the flaws in both Mormonism and Christianity, in regard to who is saved and I have to say that I agree with that argument, that both are very flawed. However, the flaws in Christianity, in this regard, are just as bad and do not justify, the flaws in the Mormon cult. There are many more topics that you guys will enjoy, as the above description only covers the first 10 minutes or so. Now, when the show ended, I continued recording, as we discussed many extra topics, that were not part of the regular show. I have included as much of that bonus coverage as I can, without compromising Jared and the personal information regarding his life and some topics that he wasn't comfortable with me posting, which I respect. I had to do quite a bit of editing, but the bonus audio still turned out great and I did post this with the full approval of both Jared and Eric. As I just mentioned, Jared knows that I'm going to post this "bonus coverage", just so that everyone knows that I wasn't doing it behind his back. When I listened back to it, I realized that too many great things were discussed, to not include them in this podcast for all of you guys to hear; so I sought the approval of both of them, to post it. So, enjoy everybody and thanks again for your patience in the delay of releasing this part 4 and I hope that you all enjoy it and that it was worth the wait. There should be no more long delays in releasing my podcasts, since I'm all set up now, finally, and I really appreciate all of you loyal listeners out there for your patience and support. I also appreciate all of the recent hatemail from you clueless TBMS and apologists, who just attack me personally and condemn me to hell and can't wait for the Mormon God to serve out his justice, "in this life or the next."(blood atonement) Of course, all of these personal attacks, without addressing one specific thing I've actually said or written about. You guys just continue to show me why it is that I must continue to do what I'm doing and I appreciate it very much!! Now, you apologists and offensive, die-hard TBMS go back to your pathetic cult and bow your heads and say yes!! Samuel the Utahnite Originally Posted May 16, 2006