Chocolate Cake Radio show

Summary: Ahh...the neverending search for "a good man" and "a good woman". We know. We're in the trenches.  But can there be TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING? What happens when attention turns to CLING? Or... When does the "STRONG INDEPENDENT BLACK WOMAN-ness" want to make men run the other way? What's the happy medium and how could you be driving Mr/Ms Right AWAY with too much GOOD? We'll tell you how to stop that! do you know if someone is REALLY  "INTERESTED" or  just "Kinda Sorta...Maybe... Could Be... Interested"? How to spot a "Time Waster" and how to get someone to know you're interested i them.  Not kinda....REALLY interested, ...without scaring them off! (No STALKING!) ALSO..last month, you met Aaron (Mr. Love Crystals) THIS our new CHOCOLATE CAKE UNICORN! All this with our usual New York City/Chi-Town spin. (We're like Kanye and Hov...but umm... without the publicity stunts & superstar spouse. But we've been to THERE!) You don't want to MISS this episode! An ALL NEW CHOCOLATE CAKE RADIO Premieres LIVE... Wednesday May 2nd, 9pm Eastern! Welcome to "The Cake"!