Maybe You DON'T HAVE IT because you DON'T WANT IT!

Chocolate Cake Radio show

Summary: We remember the life of our beautiful friend Erica Kennedy, New York Times Best Selling Author of "Bling" & "Feminista", Blogger, Publicist, Twitter Phenom and one of the dopest ladies we've ever gotten the pleasure to know. (Real talk...she introduced US!)   PLUS Everyone has "the list". Things that should be accomplished by *cough* *cough* age. The loving relationship. The fullfilling career. The trip. The body. Whatever it is...WHY HAVEN'T YOU DONE IT YET?  We discuss the best motivational tools we've found AND the results that we've gotten by visting the dreaded "self help" aisle in the bookstore! (Nyree's even been hypnotized. No, we're not joking.)  But what you "want" REALLY what you want...or is it what somebody else wants FOR you? How do you know the difference? THE CAKE IS LIVE NEXT WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT 9PM! ONLY ON BLOGTALK RADIO! ( can always catch the replay the next day on iTunes!)