Harvest the Benefits of Gardening

Seminars@Hadley - Recreation and Leisure show

Summary: Join Seminars@Hadley as we discuss gardening techniques useful for people with vision impairments. This informative discussion will prove helpful whether you have a green thumb or are just interested in getting started! George Abbott, dean of educational programs and instruction at Hadley, will moderate discussion between two experienced gardeners as they discuss garden planning, choosing and identifying plants, appropriate tools and hardware, and adaptive and safety techniques. Kathy Austin, BGS, is Coordinator of Adult Rehabilitation Services for the Chicago Guild for the Blind and an avid gardener for over 35 years. Kathy has made many adaptations to continue gardening due to gradual vision loss from Retinitis Pigmentosa. Ed Haines, a Hadley instructor for 15 years and an Itinerant Vision Rehabilitation Therapist has 30 years of gardening experience and is currently rehabilitating a 100 year old garden in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Ed also teaches Hadley's Container Gard