Scion Installation 7 Artist Video: Matt Goldman

Scion Art show

Summary: "Air Dancer" by Matt Goldman"Air Dancers was conceived on the first day of a college 3D animation course I would eventually drop a week later. At the time, I was also enrolled in a video class and both were such a heavy load that they couldn't possibly taken simultaneously. Forced to choose, I shelved the 3D class and Air Dancers with it only to bring it back 8 years later, predictably, as a live-action video. Both parodying and critiquing a (somewhat) bygone pre-recession era of over-produced, low concept music videos, this was a great opportunity to create something fun that glorified limited resources. Embracing the childhood notion that whenever you're not watching inanimate objects they take on a life of their own, this video is an exploration of what these civic fixtures must all be doing on the holidays when every tire shop, mechanic, and linen outlet is closed and observing." - Matt GoldmanFor more information‚Äč