It’s Helmet versus Tangerine

Angry & Cliff - The Podcast! show

Summary: Podcast 73 and Angry is pitted against Cliff in Ben's brilliantly titled quiz, "Guess the song from this short, yet impressive, intro Quiz".  You can play along at home / on the bus / in prison by trying to guess the songs in the nanosecond before Cliff tries to answer it.  Or wait until Angry gets a go and needs pretty much the entire song before he has any idea whatsoever. But it's not just one big quiz this week, oh no.  We also have Cliff's tale of identity theft as cyber criminals lower their targets a sufficient amount to finally make him a target, Angry shares some Fat Jim news and we commiserate with Ben over the loss of his beloved pet - for all of about five seconds. All this plus the Dalai Lama, porn films in hospitals, George Michael's driving ability and birthdays for Sylvester Stallone, George W Bush and Anne Frank - there's and eclectic mix if ever we had one. So come on in and wrap your sound-clams round our little podcast.