When podgrams collide

Angry & Cliff - The Podcast! show

Summary: We reach a milestone of sorts this week as we record our 75th episode.  It is technically our diamond anniversary, which is the same as your 60th, which is a bit of a swizz to be honest.  Who wants to be married for an extra fifteen years only to have the same party all over again.  Rubbish. Anyway, we celebrate the best way we know how, by inviting the boys from I Am Idiot (http://www.iamidiotcentral.com/) to join us on our special day.  Howard, Keith and Ben sat with hosts Angry and Cliff as they discuss those things that tend to come to mind on Tuesday evenings. We look at the least successful showbiz collaborations of all time, alongside a few that we'd really, really like to see.  Keith thoughtfully gives us his guide to death, we consider the origins of auto-erotic asphyxiation and ponder Alexander The great's Irish accent. All this plus golf buggies on the moon, the reading of the Riot Act, and trying to blow up Hitler. You must listen.  Now.