What a bunch of cults!

Angry & Cliff - The Podcast! show

Summary: The podcast returns with a sense of normality as Angry, Cliff and Ben discuss Cliff's drunken debut at a blogmeet to celebrate the launch of Sex and Bowls and Rock and Roll (http://www.sexandbowlsandrockandroll.com/), Ben explains how he was attacked twice in a week, and Angry gives his reasons for hating Scientology. We also get a small glimpse into the inner workings of the minds of your hosts, we look at the best and worst of the week's TV in the BBC's Sherlock and Channel 5's Don't Stop Believing, and we get a history lesson regarding the Manic Street Preachers' track 'Kevin Carter'. All this plus jobless truck drivers selling the Ritz to gullible idiots, the Royal family on Flickr and we discuss the best endings possible to the ongoing will they / won't they saga in the latest BT adverts. It's a good'un, even if we do say so ourselves.