Learning to sing like Sting

Angry & Cliff - The Podcast! show

Summary: A slightly extended podcast sees Angry, Cliff and Ben doing their best to impersonate Sting - and by best, I mean incredibly rubbish. We also look at the weeks we've had, which saw Angry pay cash money to get moaned at, Ben's Playstation gets bullied by his new iPhone 4, and Cliff is embarrassed when paying for petrol in the way only a real man can be. All this plus Jason Manford's Twitter adventures, we look at the Telegraph's coverage of Katie Melua becoming Vauxhall's new celebrity spokesperson, and like everyone else at the moment we talk about the Royal Bloody Wedding. It's also the day the pencil sharpener was invented, Pink Floyd release 'The Wall, and Miley Cyrus turns 18. Have listen, we had a proper laugh making this one - I guess a few weeks away does that to you. We'll be back next week, assuming Kim Jong Il can keep his finger off the button.