Mercury Theatre On The Air: Dracula

Michael's Midnight Matinee show

Summary: The Mercury Theatre was an independent repertory theatre company founded in New York City in 1937 by Orson Welles and producer John Houseman. After a series of acclaimed stage productions, the Mercury Theatre progressed into its most popular incarnation as The Mercury Theatre on the Air. The radio series included one of the most notable and infamous radio broadcasts of all time, The War of the Worlds, broadcast on October 30, 1938. The Mercury Theatre on the Air produced live radio dramas in 1938–1940 and again briefly in 1946. In addition to Welles and Houseman, the Mercury Theatre troupe included Carl Frank, Joseph Cotten, Martin Gabel, Vincent Price, Agnes Moorehead, Ray Collins, Hans Conried, Paul Stewart, Will Geer, George Coulouris, Peggy Lloyd, Olive Stanton, Geraldine Fitzgerald, and Everett Sloane. Much of the troupe would later appear in Welles's films at RKO, particularly Citizen Kane and The Magnificent Ambersons. Other future stars of the stage, screen, and television, like Betty Garrett, Anne Baxter, Arlene Francis, Judy Holliday, and Norman Lloyd, also appeared in productions in smaller parts. This episode: Dracula, is the first episode of Mercury Theatre On The Air's second season.