HNpod 4: Yahoo, Digg, Sparrow with Dave Peck and Ilya Lichtenstein

HNpod show

Summary: Our podcast for this week starts out with our guests Ilya Lichtenstein of MixRank ( and and Dave Peck ( & giving a brief introduction about themselves and the various projects that they are currently working on. (More information on Ilya and Dave can be found in the featured guest section on our website). Stories: * Appointment of Marissa Mayer as Yahoo’s new chief. Ilya, Dave and myself discuss the impact that she will have on Yahoo. We talk about the future of the various Yahoo platforms such as DuckDuckGo and Yahoo BOSS API and how Marissa fits into the general scheme of things, given that she is more product focused. * Bubblewatch (1) Digg sold. In this segment we discuss the price that Digg was sold for and the breakdown of the sale. We also talk about Digg’s previous sale attempt. Additionally we talk about the rise and fall of Digg and the events that could have lead to its sale price. Finally we discuss whether or not they will try to re-build Digg completely, or if they are simply trying to revamp it. * Bubblewatch (2). We close off our acquisitions and tech news for this week by talking about the acquisition of Sparrow by Google. Here we discuss the negative backlash that it has been receiving because of the acquisition. Additionally we discuss what Google acquisition of Sparrow means for the general direction of the company. Now Trending: * Ilya: The opulence of Silicon Valley; the crazy, lavish, million dollar parties and the proposed Silicon Valley reality show that is planned for the next couple of months * Dave: The Pinterestification of everything. With Pinterest spin-off sites such as Gentlemint – Pinterest for dudes ( and – Pinterest for videos ( Podcast Recommendations * Mike: 3D printing covered on This Week In Law ( * Tachzing Podcast with hosts Justin Vincent and Jason Roberts. * DJ Bissen's Tranceatlantic podcast: