Weekend News 2: Art Bell

The Glimp show

Summary: I'm sorry to say this, but a legendary voice in radio has just left the arena. No, Art Bell, hasn't died, but he has retired. He will no longer host the Coast to Coast AM show on weekends. George Noory or other radio talents will probably take his place. However, Art did say that he would come back and do specials, and god, I hope he does. It'd be sad to never hear him talk of extra-terrestrials and governmental conspiracies again. The guy had 30 million listeners so he obviously has some good content on his show. I listen over his $7 a month podcast, and you really do get a bang for your buck. But that is our main topic for tonight. We'll also talk about the upcoming election, and McCain's failure to raise enough money for his campaign. Looks like he's out of the race, but Hillary and Barrack are the obvious winners so far, when it comes to raising money. Then a new law in Arizona, which will put an end to businesses hiring illegal immigrants. All this and more is on tonight's show.