65 Degree Egg

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Summary: Egg-stra Special Stuff I was reading about the 65 Degree Egg (celsius) and I became fascinated studying about molecular gastronome Hervé's findings. He realized that the traditional cooking of an egg at 212 degrees for 10 minutes is far too long. By cooking the egg in a controlled water bath you can actually cook the white to a silky custard-like texture and have the yolk still be runny like a poached egg or you can go even further to have the yolk cooked but the white will not be overcooked. As an ala carte and banquet chef I love the idea to have the eggs actually in a water bath and be able to actually have perfectly poached eggs ready for say an endive salad or eggs benedict ready for the rush water bath sous vide magic temperature controller 143 degree egg , white was a nice while the center was runny thats funny after an hour of cooking!!!! 148 degrees the yolk was just starting to gel Chef Chris Albano a twenty year veteran chef and now food writer shares his global recipes and podcasts for more info go to http://chefalbano.com http://chefalbano.blogspot.com