Episode-1000- The Voice of the Community

The Survival Podcast show

Summary: Honor, Courage, Strength and Knowledge is What TSP is All About I am calling today’s show “The Voice of the Community” because that is what is really is.  Over 150 of members of the audience called in and contributed to a narrative almost 5 hours in length.  If I ever had a single doubt about the impact of TSP this episode alone demolishes them with the force of an atomic bomb. I am so grateful to all of you for being part of the revolution each in your own way.  I will be spending most of the rest of the week working on the Revolution 2.0 video and hope to release it by Friday. Today’s show is a very large file, so I am providing a link below where you can get the file on a few other servers if you happen to have issues downloading it from here. I also cut the bandwidth down to 16kbps of compression for this episode to help many of you who are on slower connections.  If there is interest I may release a higher bandwidth version (perhaps in three sections) down the road a bit but I honestly do not think even our dedicated server could handle providing this file today compressed at 32kbps with is our standard compression format. Above all in your walk to personal independence and liberty remember the real message of today’s show is, you are not alone! Thanks to all of you who made this episode possible, remember always, every citizen a sentinel and the revolution is you! Back Up Servers for Downloading Today’s Episode