Spedini alla Romana

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Summary: High Cholesterol Italian Goodness Gourmet Grilled Cheese "Stacks" with a garlicky, anchovy lemon-butter sauce ---------------------- If you have been to some old school Southern Italian-American restaurants Most of the food is simple, but little additions make the dishes rich and flavorful. One of Frank Sinatra's favorite Restaurants was Patsy's in New York. There is an interesting story on their site on how they opened one Thanksgiving for him. This dish is one of his favorites. The anchovy butter sauce in this dish is the killer here. Don't even tell who-ever your cooking for the Anchovy is in there (unless they have an alergy) because anchovy haters get all squeamish when you add them. The key is to mash the anchovy in the pan and it dissolves just adding flavor and salt to the dish. "Spiedini or Spedini" in Italian refers to Skewered items, because this is composed like a club sandwich then egg battered the skewering is helpful. Fried Battered cheese in this manner is also refered to on Italian menus as "Mozzarella in Carozza" or mozzarella in a carraige. That version usually is served with a red sauce like marinara but is also great with puttanesca sauce (once again with anchovies) 9 slices Italian bread (crust trimmed off)about 8 ounces mozzarella , sliced3-4 large eggs, beaten2 tablespoons parmesan cheese2 cloves garlic, chopped1 tablespoon olive oil2 teaspoons capers2 anchovy filets (or more too taste)2 ounces white wine1/2 cup vegetable or chicken broth 1 table spoon butterfresh chopped Italian parsleyflour for dusting oil for frying lay out 3 slices off bread and top with some mozzarella cheesetop each with another slice of bread, more cheese then the remaining bread.Secure with toothpicks or wooden skewersBeat Eggs and Parmesan cheesedip the mozzarella "sandwiches" in flour then egg and place in a skillet pre-heated with oilcook until browned nicely on all sides, reserve on a plate or cookie tray.remove fryijg oil from pan and add olive oil, garlic and anchovies. with a large spoon mash the anchovies in the pan to disintegrate. When garlic is browned add white wine and capers.add the broth and parsley and bring the sauce to a boil.let the sauce reduce a little to concentrate flavors, right before serving swirl in the butter to enrich the sauce.Pour over warm "Spedini" and enjoy!!!! Chef Chris Albano a twenty year veteran chef and now food writer shares his global recipes and podcasts for more info go to http://chefalbano.com http://chefalbano.blogspot.com