Normal Approach and Landing (HD Large)

The UND AeroCast (HD VIDEO) show

Summary: Its back to basics on this UND AeroCast episode. Although we call it Normal, the Normal Approach and Landing is one of the most challenging parts of any flight to consistently master. In this episode, UND CFI Anthony Bottini guides you through the procedures and techniques defined by UND Aerospace Standardization that allows the pilot to make safe, stabilized approaches and landings again and again. If you're a new student, use this episode as a guide during your flight training to aid in building your confidence in making safe approaches and landings and developing the experience to help decide when it is time to go around. For you seasoned pilots, maybe its time to brush up on some basic skills to keep you safe and, well, maybe impress your next group of passengers. Thanks to Rodolfo from São Paulo, Brazil and to Paula from Grand Forks, ND for sending some absolutely stunning fan photos.