Faulty Approaches Episode 1: Energy Management (HD Large)

The UND AeroCast (HD VIDEO) show

Summary: As a recent addition to the FAA Airplane Flying Handbook, UND Aerospace has decided to tackle the Faulty Approach and Landing on this episode of the UND AeroCast. This episode is meant to shed some light on that grey area during many approaches when the pilot has to decide, based on the airplane's current state, if the approach can safely continue with minor corrections or if its time to call an unstable approach and go around. UND Aerospace CFI, Anthony Bottini uses an in-depth script written by UND CFI Mike Lents to outline various factors that could cause any approach to be considered Faulty. As the first episode in a four part series, the instruction will be geared towards faulty approach concepts that involve the pilot's Energy Management skills. As always the UND AeroCast staff would like to thank our latest Fan Photo contributor, Rachel Fish, for her photos of the UND Piper Cub with floats. Stay tuned for episode number two!