Faulty Approaches Episode 2: Timing (Small/iPhone)

The UND AeroCast (HD VIDEO) show

Summary: UND CFI's Mike Lents and Anthony Bottini team up again to bring to you the second episode of the four part series, "Faulty Approaches and Landings." This episode focuses on timing considerations that could impact you and your aircraft during any phase of the approach and landing. This episode will describe different timing errors, how to make small corrections for a safe landing and when to perform a go-around should the errors cause the approach to depart from a normal, stabilized approach. The specific errors covered include the High Roundout, the Late or Rapid Roundout, Ballooning and Bouncing. Enjoy this latest AeroCast episode and stay tuned for episode 3 of the Faulty Approach series. Thanks goes out this time to Shane Petersen for sharing some amazing photos from the his trip to the far east.