Tales of Old 45 – The Good of Sparta

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Summary: The Good of Sparta by Gustavo Bondoni blog read by Shawn Robertson There are some tasks that a man must do alone. These are the moments that define whether one understands the truth or lives a lie. Whether one is able to bow to the will of the Gods or is unable to understand that the will of the gods will come to pass regardless of the resistance of any mortal. That Sparta shall be protected, now and forever. The way of Sparta is as it must be: absolute, unwavering. This is reflected in the glory of the city. A monolith, forever mighty. Spiking the Guns by C.J. Cutcliffe Hyne read by Shawn Robertson "The regiment will be annihilated," observed the Adjutant, coolly. And then, in the same immovable tones, he asked someone to pass him a biscuit.