Episode-985- From Pawn to Personal Sovereignty

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Summary: If You Wish to be Free – First Understand You are a Pawn I chose the title today in spite of the wackos at the fringe of the “sovereign citizen movement”, not because of them.  In may ways those people have polluted the concept of personal sovereignty but no other phrase really applies to what I want to discuss with you today. Personal sovereignty basically means “self ownership” and as such is much larger then any political statement.  Someone who truly lives their life based on self ownership must carry far more responsibility then just telling others that they won’t do as commanded.  The individual sovereign much accept that if they fail the failure is theirs and it will be up to them to get up and try again.  They realize any help by any other party will be voluntarily and not something they are entitled to. They will carry a burden that due to this they must also have a responsibility to help others in need, to do what is right for simply the sake of right.  They can’t rely on others to tell them when to give, what to give, how much to give or who deserves their help.  They must be responsible for themselves, their families, their communities and their nation as a whole.  The problem is today, most people even those who believe they are “free” are pawns on a giant chess board.  Just as the drug addict must first admit to being a drug addict before he can become free of drugs, so must we admit first that we are pawns if we wish to claim our birth rights of personal sovereignty. Join Me Today As I Discuss… The blog post that led to this What our nation claims to be vs. what it is Why you must first accept you are a pawn if you want to be free Why you have to let go of all dogmatic beliefs when they are proven false What is personal sovereignty What are your responsibilities as someone who owns yourself How do you break the chains that keep you on the game board What hope do we have if we indeed are all pawns?  A lot! Resources for Today’s Show… Members Support Brigade Join Our Forum Harvest Eating – (sponsor of the day) Knife Kits – (sponsor of the day) Aquaponics Class in Dallas Texas Be Part of Episode 1000 Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man’s opinion, not a lecture or sermon. Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and help spread the word about our show. Also remember you can call in your questions and comments to 866-65-THINK and you might hear yourself on the air.