Christianity and Naturism

Naturist Living Show show

Summary: Naturism and religion is discussed with a focus on Christianity and the Bible. We interview author Tom Pine who has written extensively about Christianity and naturism. Matthew Neal of The Biblical Naturist Blog is also interviewed about his post on objectification and lust in religion. Links to items mentioned in the show: Ethical Naturists in episode 30Wilfrid Laurier UniversityNaturism discussion on the Anglican Samizdat blogTom Pine discussing naturist fiction in episode 6Tom Pine's Nudesletter and The Naked Truth Naturists websitePornography discussion in episode 30The objectification of women discussion on The Biblical Naturist blog Books on Christianity and naturism: Nudity & Christianity by Jim C. CunninghamNakedness and the Bible by Paul BowmanGrowing Up Without Shame by Dennis Craig Smith Photo by: ~zymon~ Episode XXXII