"Before the Heart Attacks" with Dr Robert Superko

Hormones Spoken Here show

Summary: Dr. Robert Superko is one of the most knowledgeable physicians in the area of heart disease risk and cholesterol. He has been a lipid researcher for over 30 years and was one of the founding directors of the Berkeley Heart Labs in Alameda California. The Berkeley lab is leader in cardiac disease risk testing.Dr Superko is the author of a voluminous amount of research papers on heart disease as well as the book "Before the Heart Attacks", in which he outlines a plan to help people reduce their risk of having a heart attack. If you have any concerns about heart disease or know someone that does be sure to catch this show.Join Dr Howard Liebowitz M.D. and co-host Kelly Pappas as they talk with Dr Superko about his work, and developments in medicine. Dr. Liebowitz is internationally recognized for his expertise in combining the most effective treatments offered by advanced science with foundational natural and functional medicine. He believes that by replacing missing hormones (hormone balancing and replacement), removing toxic chemicals, providing essential nutrients, a low glycemic diet, adequate rest, and proper exercise, the natural healing ability of the body will result in restoring optimal health at any age.To receive his free monthly newsletter, click here.