Our Family "rules"

The Kylie Camps Podcast show

Summary: Episode 96 is a solo episode dedicated to sharing a few of our "family rules" as mentioned on Instagram last week. Getting used to operating as a family of 3 (under this roof) has meant we've had to find a rhythm that works for us all. It's not been easy but we are doing well and we have figured out a few "rules" that keep us working well together. I use the term "rules' loosely because it is far more about ownership and contribution to the greater good of our unit and not as much about hard rules. I would love to hear from you over on Instagram- do you have any family rules? This episode is bought to you by FRANK BODY! I am obsessed with their original and coconut coffee scrubs. These scrubs are game changing for the look and feel of the skin you are in! I have a discount code to share with you to receive 15% off when you place an order over $35. Use the code; KYLIE15 to save and enjoy getting dirty with my man Frank. www.frankbody.com