The Now of Work in Smart Communities, with Kim Seeling Smith

The Smart Community Podcast show

Summary: In this episode of the Smart Community Podcast, I have a fantastic conversation with Kim Seeling Smith, the CEO of Ignite Global. Kim used to call herself a 'Future of Work' expert, but these days she says the future has arrived so she's become a 'Now of Work' expert. This is another audio from the YouTube series I've been doing catching up with previous podcast guests and although Kim is not a previous podcast guest she is a good friend of the Smart Community Podcast. In this episode, Kim and I discuss her background and her work, and how it's really accelerated with the current crisis. She tells us about her research on what people are learning from this COVID work-from-home experiment, and why we all need to take this disruption seriously, learn from it, and be as prepared as we can be for ongoing disruptions into the future. We explore the relationship between COVID, under- and unemployment, and the critical skills shortage, as well as what the workplace will look like post-COVID and what managers in particular have to improve in order to be effective in the workplace of the next decade. Kim tells us about her white paper on the difference between companies that fail, those that survive and those that thrive after crises and recessions, as well as how she has reset her business during this time. We finish our chat discussing what employees and employers should be thinking about now that the Now of Work has arrived. As always we hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed making it. Find the full show notes at: Connect with Kim via LinkedIn or at Connect with me via email: Connect with My Smart Community via LinkedIn or Twitter and watch on YouTube The Smart Community Podcast is produced by Perk Digital.