Surviving Separation & The Divorce Story Podcast With Cass Thorburn

The Kylie Camps Podcast show

Summary: Episode 89 is a conversation with Cass Thorburn about the lessons she has personally learnt from moving through her own divorce and also from her most recent project the "Divorce Story" Podcast. The Divorce Story Podcast is an excellent listen for all, not just those who are moving through, past or towards a separation or divorce. During this conversation Cass shares a handful of the most valuable lessons she has learnt. Cass Thorburn started in radio at age 13 and has worked in a variety of fields from print, TV, radio and podcasts to also writing a children’s book “Leo Lion’s Big Bed”. She is currently working on a second book. You may have even spotted Cass on Dancing With Stars last year. It was a pleasure to speak with her and I highly recommend listening to the Podcast she co-hosts with Annaliese Dent. Social handles: Children’s book is Leo Lion’s Big Bed Public Instagram is @cassthorburn Facebook is Cassandra Thorburn Podcast is Divorce Story with Annaliese Dent.