Anjelica Huston on Modeling, Movie-Making, and a Life in the Spotlight

Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin show

Summary: <p>Anjelica Huston has lived many lives, all with grace and charisma.  As the daughter of John Huston (director of <em>The African Queen</em>, <em>The Maltese Falcon</em>, and more) she was movie royalty from birth.  But she grew up in rural Ireland and went to high school in Swinging-Sixties London.  That meant she developed a set of values far removed from Hollywood high society.  Her first career was as a high-end fashion model, a favorite subject of Richard Avedon and later a muse of Halston.  But she had always wanted to be a movie actress, and she spent time in the trenches, working on her craft in classes and smaller roles before her Oscar-winning turn in <em>Prizzi</em><em>'s Honor</em>.  Right as she was leaving the photo studio for the movie studio, she met Jack Nicholson:  "he made me laugh," she tells Alec.  The couple defined Hollywood cool for almost two decades.  Huston tells Alec the story of all of her transitions -- romantic, professional, and geographic.  Her two wonderful memoirs are <a href="">A Story Lately Told</a> and <a href="">Watch Me</a>.</p>