Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery- Chapter 15

So Many Books, So Little Time - Podcast show

Summary: In this chapter, Anne goes to school. Dave and Roo expect problems, but things play out in a different way to what was expected. Content warning: Anne of Green Gables was written in 1909 and applies ideologies and language phrases common to the time. The ideologies described and language used may be distressing to some listeners/readers. Dave & Roo do not endorse the ideas or language used by the author. Source of Music used within the podcast (please support the artists directly): Avonlea - By Hardy Hagood - I am the Slime - Frank Zappa - The Mothers - Anne of Green Gables By L.M. Montgomery is in the public domain of Australia (Australian law stipulated life plus 70 years, since 2005. The law is not retrospective and excludes works published in the lifetime of an author who died in 1956 or earlier). This podcast will be reading books of authors who have deceased and within a non-commercial platform only.