What to Do Instead of New Years Resolutions

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Summary: <p>It's that time of year again...the beginning of a new chapter...or does it need to be?</p> <p>While I'm totally on board with personal growth and challenging yourself in new and rewarding ways, I'm not a fan of resolutions. So often people approach them from a black or white mindset-- you're either on the wagon or you're off. So what do I support/promote? Sustainable habits that require no resolutions list.</p> <p>Establishing realistic, healthy and sustainable action steps that can evolve into habits is not only more fulfilling, but has a much higher likelihood of sticking. Health isn't a one-stop destination. It's a daily choice-- to show up for yourself, and continue to show up for yourself. Let's squash resolutions and instead, resolve for more self-kindness, compassion, and true self-care, so that we can better love and care for the people around us. Let's fill our hearts with more acceptance and fewer expectations for change. Let's focus on what we can control and let the rest go.</p> <p>Let's be more present. More thoughtful. More grateful. We've got this 2020!</p>