Noah Baumbach Gets Personal in Marriage Story

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Summary: <p>Director Noah Baumbach is known for messy and realistic family dramas. <em>The Squid and The Whale</em> chronicles divorce within a family; <em>Margot at the Wedding</em> explores the relationship between two sisters; <em>The Meyerowitz Stories</em> tells the story of 3 adult siblings – different mothers, same father – negotiating resentment and love. And there have been plenty of comparisons between Baumbach’s <em>own</em> life and his movies – especially so with his most recent film, <em>Marriage Story</em>. Baumbach and actress Jennifer Jason Leigh divorced soon after they had a child. But Baumbach is quick to say his films are not autobiographical. They are personal, he says, and as he tells Alec, the process of turning real life into films is part of how Baumbach makes sense of things around him.</p>