Courting Des Moines with Catherine Urbanek

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Summary: Actress Catherine Urbanek opens up about her start, how ‘Courting Des Moines’ has changed her life and what’s on the horizon for 2020! Watch Courting Des Moines: Web: About Film: “Courting Des Moines,” is a sequel to Roske’s 2012 “Chasing the Hill”, a fictional web series about a California Congressional campaign.“Courting Des Moines” features many of the same characters who now want to seek higher office, including "Samantha Clemons," played by Melissa Fitzgerald, better known as her role on the hit series, “The West Wing.” Brandon Jones from ABC Family’s hit show, “Pretty Little Liars,” Steve Lewis, Carolyn Hennesy, Gina Belafonte, Catherine Urbanek, to just name a few. After leaving her seat in the House of Representatives under tax fraud allegations, California Congresswoman Samantha Clemons moves to Des Moines, Iowa to avoid further scrutiny. Her arrival arouses attention from the Des Moines citizens, as "all politics are local and everything local is affected by politics". After some deep reflection and with a renewed devotion to serve her country, Samantha decides to run for the highest office in the Land, not unlike one-term congressman Abraham Lincoln. Sam hires a young and equally politically passionate Des Moines local, "Kelli Brown," to run her Iowa campaign, and together the two women run as the dark horses in a highly competitive and challenging race. Interspersed with Samantha's story include poignant interviews and appearances from real politicians: Senators Bernie Sanders, Tom Harkin, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, Paul Struass, and Governor Martin O'Malley, to name a few. In this film, Brent also wanted to include many Des Moines locations, such as, Machinist’s Hall, where real candidates will court Iowa Voters with speeches as well as the big state fair, which is a huge location for candidates. About the show: ► Website: ► Need Goli Gummies? ► For $5 in ride credit, download the Lyft app using my referral link: ►For discount Pangea Products: ► Want the ‘coldest’ water? ► Become A Podcast Legend: ► Review Us: ► SUBSCRIBE HERE: ► Instagram: ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► Google Plus: ► Blog: ► Pinterest: ► Newsletter: #atlanta #ashsaidit #ashsaidthat #ashblogsit #ashsaidit® Ash Brown is a gifted American producer, blogger, speaker, media personality and event emcee. The blog on showcases exclusive event invites, product reviews and so much more. Her motivational podcast "Ash Said It Daily" is available on major media platforms such as iTunes, iHeart Radio & Google Play. This program has over half a million streams worldwide. She uses these mediums to motivate & encourage her audience in the most powerful way. She keeps it real!