Episode 23: Side Hustles, Part 3, with Sculptor Salem Barker

Pioneers Podcast show

Summary: <br> Salem Barker is a full-time sculptor who is self-taught and who has an an amazing story. Over the course of his thirteen-year career he has battled his way through every obstacle to perfect his craft and reach a point where he is a full-time creator who provides for his family and embodies a unique place in his genre.  This episode perfectly illustrates everything we have covered to this point in the podcast, from showing how art as therapy can transform our lives to demonstrating the importance of perseverance.  In the Private segment ($10 Subscribers and above on Patreon), Salem goes into greater detail on how he built a full-time career with his art. And in the breakdown segment ($20 subscribers and above), Salem gets detailed on teaching how to start scultpting. Subscribe on <a href="https://www.patreon.com/user?u=13435186">Patreon </a>and receive up to twenty-five hours of bonus content, a phone call to say thanks, plus access to episodes three days before the general public. <br>