Episode 25: Songwriting Insights from Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter

Pioneers Podcast show

Summary: <br> Ryan has had many different types of songwriting experiences, as you will come to understand from this episode…he has functioned as the sole writer of every instrument in his own band, and he has also worked extensively in more of a collaborative environment. He has experienced success in multiple incarnations of his own band as he has learned new lessons which has has applied to his craft along the way.  These are fundamental principles which can be applied to any genre…and I hope you found this episode as engaging as I did! Subscribe on Patreon at any level and receive episodes 72 hours before iTunes and the general public. Also receive a phone call from me to say thanks, up to 25 hours of additional content, and so much more. Visit Pioneers on Patreon <a href="https://www.patreon.com/user?u=13435186">here</a>.<br>