DARK MYSTERY MOON: Lunar Forecast with Susan Lipshutz (October 28 - November 26, 2019)

MoonWise show

Summary: This moon cycle, it’s time to move into depth and darkness as we enter Scorpio season. We have the opportunity to break spells and agreements that don’t serve us anymore. In this episode of #moonwisepodcast, Susan Lipshutz talks about merging with the dark inside and outside of ourselves. She reminds us that, “it is time to stay awake without fear.” She encourages us to be patient and forgiving with the stormy emotional waters that may arise. She says, “there’s a descent into more depth, that’s where the power lies.” She asks, “how can I merge with my power with love, with grace and with my inner values?” As the veils thin, it’s a time to honor our ancestors and work with the elements in a deliberate way. Susan cautions us, “go slow in the discovery of the magic.” And she encourages us to work with boundaries and trust as we commit to new habits. Susan offers ritual suggestions and recommendations for herbs to support the energies of the month. Tune in to hear about how we can go beneath the surface for emotional healing, shake up old systems and work with our raw creative power. Here are some important dates:  October 28, 2019 New Moon in Scorpio October 31, 2019 Halloween/Samhain/Mercury Retrograde November 2, 2019 Day of the Dead November 12, 2019 Full Moon in Taurus