Mixer Viewers DROP, Twitch Viewers RISE, Affiliates Get Ads- MPI & Sadomi Return! (#122)

Stream Key Podcast: Twitch Streaming Tips show

Summary: Welcome back to the Twitch Stream Key Podcast, the #1 rated and longest-running Twitch streamer podcast!<br><br>This week on Stream Key, we talk twitch affiliates getting ads, mixer's drop in viewership over the last quarter, and Twitch's subsequent spike in viewers of its own. If you're looking for insights on how to take your Twitch channel to the next level, you're in the right place!<br><br>The Stream Key Podcast is now live on our Twitch channel every Monday at 11am-1pm EST if you'd like to join and get your own queston answered. New releases will now be on Tuesdays - which means next day turnaround!<br><a href="https://twitch.tv/trugaming" rel="noopener">https://twitch.tv/trugaming</a><br><br>Join the show community! <br>Twitter - <a href="https://twitter.com/stream_key" rel="noopener">https://twitter.com/stream_key</a> <br>Discord - <a href="https://discord.gg/5W39sjR" rel="noopener">https://discord.gg/5W39sjR</a><br><br>Connect with MPI! <br>Twitch - <a href="https://twitch.tv/mrpureinstinct" rel="noopener">https://twitch.tv/mrpureinstinct</a><br>Twitter - <a href="https://twitter.com/mrpureinstinct" rel="noopener">https://twitter.com/mrpureinstinct</a><br><br>Connect with Sadomi! <br>Twitch - <a href="https://twitch.tv/Sadomi" rel="noopener">https://twitch.tv/Sadomi</a><br>Twitter - <a href="https://twitter.com/SadomiTV" rel="noopener">https://twitter.com/SadomiTV</a><br><br>Connect with GreenChord! <br>Twitch - <a href="https://twitch.tv/greenchord" rel="noopener">https://twitch.tv/greenchord</a> <br>Twitter - <a href="https://twitter.com/greenchord_" rel="noopener">https://twitter.com/greenchord_</a><br><br>Connect with TRUgaming! <br>Discord - <a href="https://discord.gg/trugaming" rel="noopener">https://discord.gg/trugaming</a> <br>Website - <a href="https://trugaming.com" rel="noopener">https://trugaming.com</a> <br><br>#streaming #twitch #gaming